Hope Matters

Since I last wrote at the end of September at the end of my 2012 PMC fundraising drive, the work of getting life back to normal has resumed in full force. A family trip to Minnesota for a wedding, another family trip to Boston for yet another wedding, and Michele’s two-week Southeast Asian adventure have meant busy times in our house. For many of the days, I have continued to figure out my next career move. My days on the bicycle have been few and far between, but still enjoyable. And in October, just after Shannon’s 3rd birthday, I got scanned again – and happily, they were all clean, cancer-free.

I have mentioned HopeWell Cancer Support in earlier posts and in my last video. My involvement with HopeWell has been evolving. At first, I was a ‘participant’ – a person affected by cancer, using the free support programs that HopeWell provides. Then, I started to get involved as a ‘marketing consultant’ and as a member of the volunteer Marketing Committee. I have even pitched to them a fundraising idea (no surprises here, it was a bike ride!) that is only 1 very generous presenting sponsor away from becoming a reality. Then, I was asked to be a spokesperson in a video about HopeWell along with a couple of other participants. This was a fun project to be involved in and the video, which also ‘stars’ Shannon, does a great job of sharing the impact that HopeWell has on people. I hope you enjoy it – check it out here.

And my latest evolutionary step with HopeWell has been to start working there. Their talented Director of Marketing & Communications recently took a new job and, for the next few months, I will be filling her very large shoes. The staff is great, the challenges unique, and the cause is personal. At present, my position is temporary and part-time. We’ll see what happens.

As for the rest of life… I guess that is the best way to put it – we’ll see what happens.

I hope that all my friends have a safe and healthy holiday season, filled with joy and family. I hope that our paths cross soon.