Remember Last Year’s Ride

I was thinking last night about last year’s PMC Ride. Mostly because I have not trained nearly as much as last year and I am hoping that I can pull through in good shape. The 2009 PMC ride was a fun one (recap here). I remember riding along and then seeing a father & daughter riding along, with dad wearing a yellow sign on his back that said “Living Proof Dad” and his daughter with a sign that says “Living Proof Daughter”. It makes me cry every time I think about it.

Team Forza-G's Pedal Partner - Mason!

I also think of our Pedal Partner, Mason. He was 5 years old last year and gave us all a thrill when he stopped by one of our water stops. This year, his family is expecting the arrival of their third child on PMC weekend, so we might not see him, but undoubtedly, the entire family will be in our thoughts.

I also think about all of the people who I was asked to ride for. Moms, grandparents, friends, cousins, professors. All loved. Some lost to cancer, like my aunt Norma. Some battling cancer every day. Just like little Mason. Just like I did 14 years ago. More tears.

Then I think about all of the great people who have sponsored me (172 and counting) throughout the last 4 years. And all of my great teammates on Team Forza-G. And all of the folks that played in my soccer tournament last year. I get excited and inspired. Without all of these people, I would just be pedaling down the road. With all of you, I am on a mission, empowered, motivated. I could not do this without you. Thank you!

All of this leads to this gallery of photos, which I don’t think I shared at the end of last year’s ride. Here are my photo highlights from the 2009 PMC. Enjoy!


PMC Weekend Recap

I have had a couple of weeks now to reflect on the amazing PMC 2009 Weekend. It went by very quickly. I saw many old friends and familiar faces and made many many new friends. I don’t think I can accurately explain how emotional the entire event is. From the Opening Ceremonies in Sturbridge all the way through the return to Boston Harbor, all I can remember being on the verge of laughter or tears.

Why Laughter?

Because for 2 days, all I have to do is ride my bike with my teammates. What a unique privilege! I am blessed to have the life that I have, with the wonderful family and friends who support my efforts. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with the PMC (thank you Jaime!) at the right time and place in my life where I was ready, willing, motivated, and passionate to join the cause. All I have to do for 2 days is ride a bike – sign me up!

Why the tears?

Every mile, you see someone holding a sign up telling you about someone that they know who is battling or has been taken by cancer. Some folks just say thank you. Some folks clap and yell and cheer you on. This isn’t every now and again. This is in every town, on every road, around every corner for 192 miles. You see who cancer has touched and I know personally I get stronger and more determined whenever I see these people and signs.

You also see the tributes that other cyclists make and wear/carry with them on their ride. How can you not be touched to see a pair of cyclists riding side by side, the guy with a yellow sign on his back saying “Living Proof Dad” and the gal with a sign saying “Living Proof Daughter”? You can see a picture of these two on the PMC homepage right now (about halfway down on the right).

Or how about Jack?

And then there is the Pedal Partners. Team Forza-G proudly rode for Mason, a somewhat shy, yet precocious 5 year old. We saw him at one of the waterstops on Saturday. That gave each and every one of us a huge adrenaline rush.

All that I have left to say to you, the readers, my supporters, my donors, is THANK YOU. Without you, I would just be some guy riding a bike. Because of you, I have a cause, a purpose, and motivation. I could not do it without you.

PMC 2009. Done.

Thanks to everyone who made the 2009 PMC such a special weekend
Thanks to everyone who made the 2009 PMC such a special weekend

But our work is not done. We still have a ways to go to reach the fundraising goals and to reach the ultimate goal – defeating cancer.

The ride was great and I will have some fun stories and photos to share in the coming days. But I want to thank everyone who sent along well wishes and for all the support, both financial and emotional, that I have received from my family, friends, and colleagues in the past days and weeks. It truly is a humbling experience.

More soon!

10 Days til PMC 2009

This Friday, July 24th, is the 13th anniversary of my last and final radiation treatment at the Univeristy of Rochester Cancer Center. I hope that you will help me celebrate this occasion by making a donation to my PMC ride in honor of this anniversary. You can do so in multiples of 13! You know – 13, 26, 52, … maybe 192! Hey, like 192 miles (the distance from Sturbridge to Bourne!). Thanks so much!

I am ready to roll from Sturbridge. I will be in Vermont for the rest of this week and will be riding most mornings, hitting the hills around the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont. I am confident that my third PMC will go just as well as the first two, with a little less saddle-soreness (new word!) because I’ll be a little bit quicker on the road!

Follow my progress on Twitter

During the PMC, I’ll be posting my progress through the PMC and the festivities on Twitter all weekend long.

Soccer Tournament This Weekend

This Sunday, I (with the help of my family) will be hosting the 1st ever Kickin’ Cancer Soccer Tournament. There will be 13 teams. Why 13? Because it has been 13 years since I was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which started my personal battle against cancer, not just in my body, but for everyone. My family and I are so thankful for the tremendous turnout and are looking forward to sharing a great day with all of the players! Friends and family are also invited to attend the tournament and partake in the post-tourney party.

Here are the details:

1st Annual Kicking Cancer Soccer Tournament

When: July 19, 2009. First Game at 10 AM

Where: Amesbury Sports Park (12 South Hunt Road, Amesbury, MA) directions

To benefit: my 2009 Pan-Mass Challenge Ride for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Food buffet and Harpoon beer cash bar available starting at 2:30 PM. Non-players may purchase a buffet ticket for $12. Championship Match starts at 3:45 PM and the Awards Ceremony, Raffle, and Silent auction will happen during the party around 4:30 PM.

Thanks to tournament sponsors:

Special Thanks to the following companies and groups for silent auction and raffle item donations:

Silent Auction Items

  • Pair of U2 tickets for Sept. 21st show at Gillette Stadium (starting bid: $100)
  • Sample bowl
    Sample Bowl

    Handturned wooden pieces from the Maine Woodturners Group

    • 4 each:  Bowls made of Northern Maple  (value – $15 to $40 each)
    • 2 each:    Bowls with plates from Northern Maple ($25 to $60 each)
    • 6 each:  Bottle Stoppers made of Apple, Maple, Cherry, Segmented and Misc. ($18 to $25 each)
    • 6 each:   Light/Fan Pulls from Cherry, Maple Black Walnut ($6 to $9 each)

All the bowls are original designs (signed and numbered), naturally cured
and are food safe.

Raffle Items

  1. Boston Breakers tickets to July 25 game
  2. Boston Breakers autographed team ball
  3. T-shirts, hats, DVDs, and jerseys from the Boston Celtics
  4. $50 gift card from CitySports
  5. trip for 2 on an evening sail in Gloucester Harbor on the Schooner Lannon
  6. cool stuff from Harpoon Brewery

Hope to see you on Sunday.