I have been quiet for a while now – not sure anyone noticed, but that is about to change. As many of you know, my dad was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in July 2014. The last two years in particular have been hard. Other health issues resulted in him stopping chemo last Spring and resulted in repeat emergency room visits of increasing concern and severity.

Last August, after the PMC, we got up to visit him and my mom in Maine so he could see Shannon and meet Adam. At the time, I could see the toll that everything had taken on him, and suspected that this might be the last time he would get to see his grandkids.

In February, my mother called and told me to come say goodbye to him as he was again in the emergency room and the prospects were dim. I did get up to Maine to say goodbye to him, then he rallied that weekend and was well enough to leave the hospital again. For one last time. At that point, we all agreed that he would go into hospice, at home. It was a slow downward slide for much of the last three months, but over the last couple of weeks, things started to go downhill much faster.

On Tuesday afternoon (5/8/18), he passed away. Finally, after years of illness, no longer in pain.  Thank you in advance for the support, love, prayers, and thoughts that you will send to me and my family.

Friends and relatives of Chuck are invited to A Celebration of Remembrance at First United Methodist Church, 703 Essex St., Bangor, on May 19, 2018, at 2 p.m. We also invites those who wish to join in conversation and refreshment to the Family Room at the church following the service.

My dad’s request was that who wish to remember him in a special way may make gifts in his memory to my Pan Mass Challenge ride. Please donate at


2 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Eleanor called me last night with this news. The Prayer Ladies prayed for your whole family this morning. We are thinking of you all in this time of loss. I will be making a donation in his memory to your ride. Much love to you all, Catherine of Quail

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