11 years riding, 21 years surviving

This year’s PMC, my 11th ride, will be my way to personally celebrate my 21st anniversary of my initial bout and 6th anniversary of my recurrence. PMC weekend is always very emotional for me. This one will be no different. It will be the first PMC with our new arrival, Adam Winston, along on the sidelines. While his arrival and watching our daughter graciously and lovingly become a big sister have brought us great joy this year, we have also lost too many family friends to cancer. We also have watched too many others, including my dad, go through the various stages of cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, and cancer recovery.

I ride the PMC because I don’t know what else I can do to end cancer except raise money, raise awareness, and be thankful for the opportunity to just be able to ride.

As I continue training so I can ride 200 miles in 2 days in August, I say to you thank you for all you have given me through the years in your friendship and support and, of course, your generosity. Together, we have already raised more than $75,000 since I started riding. Since you are reading this now, I hope that you will take another moment to help me in the cause to help end cancer in our lifetime. Any amount is welcome, and I am grateful for your contribution. Thank you!

The PMC raises more money for charity than any other single event in the country, $547 million since 1980 and $47 million last year alone! This success is the result of a lot of people riding for, and caring about, a cure. And because every penny matters, 100 percent of your donation goes to DFCI.

I’ve made a personal commitment to ride and raise another $10,000 this year. I hope you can help me reach this goal as part of my 21st anniversary of survivorship.

Please donate to my ride by clicking one of these links:

Make your donation to help end cancer today!

Every donation brings us closer to the end of cancer.


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