I’m Riding my 10th Pan Mass Challenge on August 6 & 7

Shannon enjoys taking rides in our neighborhood. Future PMCer!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. At our house, we have a house full of cyclists. Last year, Michele got a new road bike and has been enjoying going for training rides with me in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California. Our daughter Shannon has become a strong rider as well. She’s already up to 6 miles, is climbing some big hills on her single-speed bike, and has been asking me about PMC Kids rides already. They both got to go on some fun rides in Massachusetts earlier this summer with Michele’s dad, Norm, who will be riding his second PMC next month.

I personally seem to be hitting a number of minor bumps on the road to my 10th PMC, which will be the first weekend in August. I have been sidelined three different times this summer already by a variety of injuries. While my training has been slowed, my focus and dedication to the cause of helping create a world without cancer is razor-sharp. My passion has been re-sparked as another dear friend was lost to a cancer recurrence.
I continue to be humbled by the support that you and so many others have given to my effort in the past – the grand total raised by my rides over the last ten years is getting close to $70,000. That is a total that I never would have imagined reaching when I started this a decade ago.

Together We are Making a Difference

I am pleased to include a link to a 5-minute video that explains where the PMC money goes featuring Dana-Farber Cancer Institute President & CEO, Edward Benz, discussing the PMC’s impact on advancing cancer research and improving patient care.

I hope that you will help us make a bigger difference than ever. Because every penny matters, 100 percent of your donation will go to DFCI.

I hope I can count on your support again

Shannon enjoys taking rides in our neighborhood. Future PMCer!

I often think back and remember what I can about that summer 5 years ago when my cancer returned. And the long road back to health. My recovery and the fact that I can even ride in this event is because of the research done at Dana-Farber decades ago that found the first effective therapies against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The PMC in so many ways helped me get my life back after cancer. Without the PMC and Dana-Farber, I don’t know if I would have had that chance.

I’ve made a personal commitment to ride this year’s PMC and raise $10,000. I hope you can help me achieve this significant goal.

Every donation brings us closer by the mile.

Thank you.

Please donate to my ride today


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