17 Days Until the 2015 PMC… Why Will I Be Riding 300 Miles in 3 days?

Why I Ride

This year is my 9th year riding the Pan-Mass Challenge! For a number of reasons, this is going to be a very meaningful ride for me.

I’ll be riding for my dad, who is doing well one year into his treatment for pancreatic cancer.

I’ll be riding in memory of my grandfather, who battled prostate cancer, and my grandmother & aunt, who each battled breast cancer. 

I’ll be riding for my mom, who is a breast cancer survivor.

I’ll be riding for my wife and her family, who saw me through my recurrence just four years ago.

I’ll be riding for my daughter, so that she may never have to face this horrible disease.

I’ll be riding for my many friends who have faced this scourge head on.

I’ll be riding to thank all of those who have donated the money that created the treatments that allowed me to celebrate many birthdays (my own and those of others).

I ride for my fellow Living Proof riders, especially my teammates Diane, Suzanne, Betsy, and Melissa.

I’ll be riding because I can. I am fundraising because I am Committed.

In 17 days, I will hop on my bike and go the extra mile. Actually, I will go 100 extra miles to be exact. I will ride 300 miles (not the mere 192 miles of the official Pan-Mass Challenge), all the way across Massachusetts from the NY border to the end of Cape Cod in just 3 days.

Why? Because we need to make cancer a distant memory.

Please make a donation today to remember those who have passed, to honor those who are stricken, and to end cancer in our lifetime. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “17 Days Until the 2015 PMC… Why Will I Be Riding 300 Miles in 3 days?

  1. Thank you for doing this! And best of luck in your endeavors. I just started my first round of immunotherapy treatment for leukemia and I’m riding 180 for Pelotonia in less than a month. While the underlying cause is fabulous, my thoughts go to you as you maneuver the greatest endurance event of your life . . . for your life. Peace, love, and healing light to you and your family. ❤

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