Quite the week

Last week started with me celebrating my 19th anniversary as a cancer survivor. But it was filled by three events that mark the ups and downs of my life with cancer.

The first event was by far the saddest and most tragic. We learned that the mother of another child at our daughter’s daycare was taken from her family far too young by colon cancer. Our daycare community in the last week has been rallying around the surviving  husband and their two young daughters. My prayers for this man have been focused on allowing him to remember his wife and their love with happiness and not heartache.

The second event was the exact opposite news – A college friend announced that she had just had stage one melanoma removed surgically and that she was now cancer free.The melanoma was found one week after she gave birth to her first daughter. Kind of the exact opposite. Her prognosis is excellent she is now cancer free and she has already started to preach the importance of sunscreen, as she recently posted online:

 “Know your body, trust your instincts, go to your dermatologist bi-annually (or anytime something new crops up or changes) AND WEAR SUN SCREEN ALL THE TIME, even in your car or out running errands. These actions can save your life – it did mine.”

Well said!

@ waterstop 4, day 1
At a rest stop during the 2010 PMC – Norm at right. So excited he’s getting in the saddle this year and riding first Pan-Mass Challenge!

The third and final event is one that brings me great joy. After many years of watching and supporting me in my PMC rides (including waking up at 4am on Sunday morning to drive me to the second day start in Bourne – he didn’t do this just once, he has done it EVERY SINGLE YEAR), my father-in-law Norm has decided to join the cause himself. He will be riding with me and my team from Sturbridge to Provincetown the first weekend in August. Pretty freaking cool.

I invite you to support Norm’s PMC ride, just as you have generously supported me through the years, especially if your last name is Decker, Pazzaglini, Blandini, Narog, Barr, Scanlon, or Mamer, just to name a few.

As always, this ride is all about putting an end to cancer. The race is not to get to the finish line in Provincetown, but the race is to save lives. Whether you make a donation to me or Norm or another PMC rider, you can rest assured that 100% of your donation is going into the research that ultimately will save lives.

Donate today:  Andy Seguin  |  Norm Decker 


4 thoughts on “Quite the week

  1. Andy, for some reason this won’t open for me on “read more of this post”. I can’t find it on your website.

  2. This is a terrible tease Andy. I’ve just tried it again and it say “page not found”.

  3. Well, 6 days is a long time to wait for a draft to be finished when you don’t know it’s a draft! Expecting the full story next time! Oh my, now I have TWO PMC rides to sponsor. I better get a job! Love you all.

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