Positive Thoughts and Positive News from My Dad #dadchemo

Last Friday, my dad had his 5th chemo and received the results of his PET scan. I wanted to share it with those who have been following his progress.

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Here’s what he posted on Facebook, prior to going to the cancer center:

It seems a little off the wall that I want to face the chemo treatment as quickly as possible. Seeing that the infusion is poison to my white blood cells and is killing all the good and bad cells.

I have chosen not to use the adjectives: good and bad, to describe the facts. It is an adventure. A trek. A journey. It is mine alone to travel, yet, I do take a number of you with me in thought, prayer and deed, but the in the end the matter remains that I travel this alone within the context of this mortal coil. I had a CT SCAN on Wednesday and should have the results this morning. I tried to get a sneak preview from my EMMC files but it had not been posted. S, about 10 am this morning I’ll get some results.

The adventure continues. I feel healthy and I am in a great frame of mind. Let the journey continue. Thank you all for your kindness and caring thoughts. In the wee small hours of the morning when I awake and face the day I give thanks and blessing to you. See you on the other side of the day.

Later, Chuck Seguin

Then later in the day, he happily posted this news from his PET scan –

The CT scan on Wednesday showed the tumors have shrunk by over 50% in area.

NO new markers and no indication of where the tumors started from.

Took a treatment from 9:20 am to 4:35 pm. It’s been a long day. The adventure continues.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

After sharing this information with someone today I mentioned that the rest is still an uphill journey. She looked at me funny( I get that a lot ) and I continued; “Because that’s where the mountain top is. After all this time, effort, sweat and tears I’m not heading to the valley”.

Do I get a few amens.

#AMEN #dadchemo!



2 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts and Positive News from My Dad #dadchemo

  1. So glad for this good news from Chuck. We are praying for a real “beat the odds” in fighting pancreatic cancer which I am all too familiar with from so many friends. I just sent antique Louisa May Alcott books out East for Shannon…so that can be a goal…to read them to Shannon. Keep the good news coming.

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