An Update from My Dad #dadchemo

My dad posted this note below on Facebook this morning (Friday 8/22), prior to heading to the cancer center for his 4th chemo. I thought I would share it with my broader audience. Please send my dad your well wishes if you’d like by leaving a comment.

Just to keep you a little up to date. I start my 4th chemo treatment at 7:30 am on Friday, August 22, 2014.

I’m feeling good. Mentally ready and strong. Eating good and drinks power drinks to get the energy to fight the fight needed.

Know that my opponent fights dirty and hard and stops at nothing to score a knockout. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

Because I have the best support group and the best doctors and the best … on my side.

I hear heartbreak every day and I know that there are others far worse than I. Just today a long lost friend shared on FaceBook the death of his middle daughter. I cried. Sent word to him that I was praying with him and his family. We are all connected—-.

I want to thank the Team-Forza G for all the generous love and support you have given to Andy and now to me. Instantly, my family grew from the intimate four to a large 60 plus and counting family that cares for the sick and loves the meek and protects the weak.

My prayers are with each of you and may the God I serve Bless and keep you safe in His Love forever.


3 thoughts on “An Update from My Dad #dadchemo

  1. so glad to hear your positive outlook and that you are getting so much support from friends near and far…blessings and continued prayers from Minnesota…

  2. Thinking of you and sending prayers that your positive outlook, strong will, support from family/friends, and knowledge/compassion of your doctors will see you through this!

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