Recapping My 3-Day PMC Ride and Visit to Maine

It is hard for me to imagine that 2 weeks have passed since my team and I arrived in Sturbridge, MA to start the 2014 PMC.  Let me see if I can come up with some words to describe this year’s 3-day ride across Massachusetts.





My 2014 PMC weekend started with the news that my dad, who started chemotherapy treatment in earlier July, had been admitted to the hospital due to an infection. Thankfully, the infection and his blood pressure were quickly controlled and his stay in the hospital was short. That fortunately meant that my trek across Massachusetts and the planned trip up to Maine following the PMC were still on schedule.

This year’s ride included an extra adventure, riding what my teammates have long called “DAY ZERO” from the New York & Massachusetts border to Sturbridge, MA. My good friend Barry Davis, himself a 34-year PMC rider, drove a large group of us from the Boston area out to Lenox in a school bus on Thursday afternoon.

As you can tell, we were very excited to get off the bus! Thanks Barry and Mark for getting us to Lenox safely!


A number of us started Friday morning at our teammate Kevin’s house in Lenox.


And then we met the rest of the group riding on the Town Square in Lenox, MA. Twenty of us in total, heading west first to the NY state line, then east to Sturbridge.


Riding Day Zero. Yup – I can ride a bike!

The highlight of my Day Zero ride was completing a 4-mile, 700 foot climb at mile 50. The day’s plan though then went awry when leg cramps hit me hard on mile 60. I was done for the day, so I hopped in one of our support vehicles, got hydrated, and arrive in Sturbridge.

Later on Friday, as is our tradition, my teammates and I enjoyed the live PMC Opening Ceremonies at the Sturbridge Host Hotel. This year’s show was broadcast live on the Boston CBS affiliate and hosted for the first time in the history of the event by a PMC rider, CBS Boston’s own Lisa Hughes.

Not sure what Kevin is doing in the background here, but I am obviously telling Ben that I think he is awesome.
some of Forza-G at the Opening Ceremonies

This year’s show was great – feel free to watch the opening ceremonies here:



Please make a donation today to remember those who have past, to honor those who are stricken, and to end cancer in our lifetime. Thank you!


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