A post from my dad – “I Exist Today”

As I have mentioned, my Dad is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He has started a journal and wanted to share this recent entry, written at the beginning of this week, prior to his 2nd treatment on Wednesday 7/23/14.

The rest of the post that follows is the beginning of that entry, written by my Dad. 


“I Exist Today”

Usually a bold and dramatic statement is made at the beginning of a journal to set the tone and attitude of the writer to the reader. For examples: “I am a victim” or  “I have cancer” or  “I am dying”. My statement is “I exist today.”

I exist today because of who I am to me. A very selfish point. I have known myself longer than any other person; mother, father, brothers, wife, sons and friends. With one exception my God has know me since before my conception. The true me, the potential of what I have to give to the people surrounding me.

I exist today because I still have a place to be and unfinished work to do. 

For every moment and every new breath taken, I have work to accomplish.

I have told many friends of my health issues in the past few weeks and I can tell you that seeing the expression of helplessness on their faces as they turned their eyes from mine and thought about what I had told them  wounded my soul too.  Later I would cry and be thankful that I have friends who care for me and want only the very best or me. It’s not in the words but in the touch that we make our connection to each other.

My next treatment is this Wednesday. I plan on resting the remainder of the week.

Hugs and prayer to all.




One thought on “A post from my dad – “I Exist Today”

  1. Sending love to Chuck and many prayers on his journey. What a beautiful post and may your work continue.

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