An Open Letter to Ovarian Cancer

One of my Forza-G teammates, Betsy, just got good news from her oncologist.  I’ve heard these words before.  Twice actually.  There are no words to that can accurately describe the sense of relief when you hear “ALL CLEAR”.  Check out her very candid open letter to her cancer.

We Are Forza-G

One of our newest teammates, Betsy Bowman, recently received news that she had been longing to hear from her doctors.


And after 10 months after being first confronted with ovarian cancer, she finally felt like she could embrace the term “SURVIVOR”.

Well, Betsy, you are Living Proof, in PMC terms, and we are mighty thankful for that!

To mark the occasion of receiving this great news, Betsy, who had already registered for this year’s PMC and joined Team Forza-G, wrote a letter to cancer to tell it what she thinks of it.  She was kind enough to share it first with her teammates, and now with everyone.

Dear Ovarian Cancer,

I regret to inform you that I have kicked your ass, and consequently, you will no longer be allowed to hang out with me. You did an excellent job messing with my life over the past year…

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