Training and Fundraising Recap – February 2014

Earlier this year, back when it was snowy and cold, er, I mean back in January,  I laid out some goals for 2014.  And I promised that I would share my progress towards them them each month. Since the Baltimore area gets hit by another embarrassingly devastating 6 inches of snow yesterday, I had the time to sit down and put the February recap together. Here goes:

Goal 1: Go Farther.  My ‘go farther goal’ is to ride from the New York/Massachusetts border all the way to Provincetown in 3 days the first weekend of August over PMC weekend.   This target motivates me each time I get on my bike, inside on the trainer or outside tackling the hills of Baltimore County. Which leads me to….

Goal 2: Go Faster.  January was a great start for my training this year, and I kicked it up another notch in February. I trained on 14 different days, do a total of 14.5 hours.  In just the 28 days of February alone, I surpassed my total indoor training in 2013.  So far this year, I’ve done more than 24 hours on the trainer. I am pretty much ready to get outside.  A lot of this extra training came thanks to the #18for18 campaign that so many of you donated to!

Goal 3: Fundraise More.  Speaking of #18for18, I asked all of you to make a donation on February 22nd to celebrate my 18th anniversary of my first cancer diagnosis.  I really was expecting maybe 6 or 8 donations from this ask, but 26 amazing people ended up donating, pushing my February fundraising to over $950. To date, over $1,000 has been donated so far, the most I’ve had donated before February 28th ever. Thank you for helping me get to 10% of my goal this year. 

Goal 4: Think Bigger.   This means adding new ways for people to support the PMC.  The #18for18 campaign was one of these new ways. Of the 24 people who donated, half of them are new donors.  I have some more ideas on the way soon, but don’t forget that these two new ways to support my ride already in place for 2014!

  1. First, my high school classmate and independent fantasy author  Jamie Tinker.  He is donating 1/2 of the proceeds of sales from his first book The Widow’s Warning to the PMC! His book is now available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, & Nook! Download and enjoy it today and help cure cancer in the process! Thank you Jamie for your help!
  2.  Follow this link next time you purchase something from Amazon, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the PMC!

Finally, I’ll share this Vine video that I posted this month of Shannon going for early season bike ride:


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