#18for18 – A Huge Success!

Thank you to the great people who made donations on Saturday and Sunday!
the #18for18 campaign was a huge success – $750 total! I honestly was hoping for $250, so I can say that you all have outdone yourselves. I am trying to complete my end of the deal – I will pledge to ride 1 minute on my trainer for each dollar donated. So that means 12 1/2 hours.

To put that amount of time in perspective, my total rolling time last August on the 192 miles of the Pan-Mass Challenge was around 11 hours. Yes, that was to be done in two days. But is was also on beautiful Cape Cod, with thousands of people along the rode cheering, with rest stops every 20+ miles, the Pie Stop at Mile 100, and my teammates riding with me. Not that my basement isn’t lovely this time of year…. oh wait!

Obviously, my initial offer to do this on Sunday was foolhardy. But I am trying to complete all of these hours by the end of this coming weekend. I’ve ridden each day this week progressively longer and longer times, so this motivation has actually given my indoor training a boost. Again, thank you! The tough news for me is that even with all I’ve done so far, I’ve only done 3.5 hours total. Yikes! I’ll just have to keep going.


3 thoughts on “#18for18 – A Huge Success!

  1. I, for one, would really rather you REST than bike your body into exhaustion. So take a break, LOTS of breaks. We love you.

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