Training and Fundraising Recap – January 2014

As I try to reach the goals that I laid out in my previous post, I will be sharing my progress towards them each month. Before the Baltimore area gets hit by another embarrassingly devastating 3 inches of snow tomorrow, here goes:

Goal 1: Go Farther.  I can only reach this goal in August when I start riding on Friday in Lenox, MA and then end on Sunday in Provincetown, having ridden the whole width of Massachusetts with my teammates.  This target motivates me each time I get on my bike, inside on the trainer or outside tackling the hills of Baltimore County.

Goal 2: Go Faster.  This means hitting the training and hitting it hard. I accomplished this in January – nearly 10 hours of training bike time over 13 rides. To compare with last year, I am ahead of what I did in January, February, and the 1st half of March combined. I only did 13 hours of indoor training last year total.   I’d say that is a solid start.

Goal 3: Fundraise More.  I haven’t really asked anyone to donate (BUT YOU CAN RIGHT NOW), so this is going slow, but I am getting ready for a big launch in February. On 2/22/14, it will be the 18th anniversary of my 1st cancer diagnosis and I am asking that everyone donate $18 on that day to help me mark that day.  Grand total donated in January is $41, thanks to my mom and dad!

Goal 4: Think Bigger.   This means adding new ways for people to support the PMC. I have two already in place for 2014 with more to follow!

First, my high school classmate and independent fantasy author  Jamie Tinker.  He is donating 1/2 of the proceeds of sales from his first book The Widow’s Warning to the PMC! His book is now available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, & Nook! Download and enjoy it today and help cure cancer in the process! Thank you Jamie for your help!

Second, follow this link next time you purchase something from Amazon, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the PMC!

Finally, I’ll share this quote I saw on Twitter this week:


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