Setting Goals for 2014 – Faster, Farther, Bigger

The beginning of any new year is filled with creating resolutions, making plans, and attempts at self-improvement.  This is very easy for me when it comes to thinking about 2014 and the PMC. Go farther, go faster, fundraise more, and think bigger.

After much contemplation of what this would mean for me, I have come to some realistic and obtainable goals, but I am going to need your help.

GOAL #1:  Go Farther

Many of my Forza-G teammates have an annual tradition of starting their PMC weekend ride on early Friday morning at the New York / Massachusetts border and then riding 90 plus miles to Sturbridge, where the 192-mile, two day trek to Provincetown begins. It turns out to be 300 miles of cycling in 3 days. This year… I AM IN!

GOAL #2:  Go Faster

This past year, I finally fell in love with cycling. Being on my bike became my own retreat, and I finally got the hang of how to use the darn thing.  I only got dropped, and only briefly, by my teammates during the ride.  So this goal is not to necessarily do the PMC ride faster, because I want to ride with my teammates, but it is more to dominate more on my training rides.

In order to meet these first two goals, I have already started my indoor training and have laid out a plan to increase my overall training for this year’s ride by 50%.  That means 50% more rides that are 50% longer.  So, once it gets warm enough and it is light out, I’ll be on the road.  If you care to follow my training, check out my MapMyRide profile. This time of year, you’ll need to change “Distance” to “Duration”, because I am on the stationary trainer.

GOAL #3:  Fundraise More

For the 6th time, I was honored to reach the Heavy Hitter fundraiser status last year and narrowly missed raising $9,000 — $8,906 is still amazing. I expect that by the time of my birthday in March, I will pass $50,000 in total fundraising for the PMC.  Amazingly, the PMC has set the goal for 2014 to raise $40 million.  And I have set my goal for this year to raise as much money as the original PMC, back in 1980, when the first check was presented for $10,200. I’ll share more about this first year later, but this the the challenge. That my network of friends, family, colleagues, and extended community can raise as much as the inaugural 36 riders did in 1980.

You can donate today to help me reach this goal!

GOAL #4:  Think Bigger

When it comes to the PMC, I have always thought big. To help cure cancer, you have to think big. It is a massive undertaking. But I know that each day, each year, we get closer to that goal. It will happen in my lifetime.  As part of my “think bigger” goal this year, I will be announcing some new ways for you to help. The first one of these is courtesy of my high school classmate and loyal PMC supporter,  Jamie Tinker.  Jamie is an independent fantasy author and a United States Navy veteran with over 20 years of service to our country. He is donating 1/2 of the proceeds of sales from his first book The Widow’s Warning to the PMC! His book is now available on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, & Nook! Download and enjoy it today and help cure cancer in the process! Thank you Jamie for your help!

Father. 300 miles in 3 days!

Faster. 50% more training!

More.  $10,200 fundraising goal!

Bigger. New cool ways for you to support me ride!



5 thoughts on “Setting Goals for 2014 – Faster, Farther, Bigger

  1. VERY AMBITIOUS GOALS, dear Andy. As I’ve said before, I wish I had you on my fundraising team for Peace House Community. Too bad Jamie doesn’t have a print copy of his book. I suppose the “widow” is a spider…another reason being a widow is not so pleasant…however I do read books about widows! May all your goals be successful. Much love, Catherine of Quail

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