That’s A Wrap!

I say thank you a lot on this blog and in the emails that I write to my donors.  I hope that you know how grateful I am for your contribution to my PMC ride and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  This mission to end cancer is one that I am steadfastly and earnestly behind, and I am buoyed by all of my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, followers, and family who have made donations of any size to help.

My fundraising and cycling season for 2013 has come to a close. The finishing touch on my comeback year was the LARGEST donation ever made by an athletic event to a charity EVER!


Pretty good for a weekend bike ride. And what does that money do? It will provide the researchers and doctors the funds to keep going, to track down each and every possible lead, in their effort to find cures for cancer. As Dr. Edward Benz, DFCI CEO, said in August at the PMC Opening Ceremonies, “We are turning the tide in the war against cancer. Remember, it is not a war, it is 400 or 500 wars. There is at least that many different forms of cancer. And we are winning more and more of these wars. Each year, we can tell a patient ‘we can expect you to survive because we have new therapy’. We are knocking them down, and each time we knock one down, we expect to knock the next one down even faster.”

I’d like to thank my teammates on Forza-G for their outstanding fundraising efforts. This year, the 39 of us again achieved the status of “Heavy Hitter” team by raising $261,950. In the 8 years since our captain Matt Dillis began the team, our motley crew has raised $1,468,119.06. WOW!

And my final recap and thank you is to everyone who donated and supported my ride this year. This year, more people (109 of you) donated a higher average amount than any of the other years I have been fundraising. So you stepped up. Whether it was your first donation (thank you to the 27 first-timers) or you have donated all 7 years (and there are 16 of you), I know that you too are COMMITTED to this mission, which Dr. Benz so eloquently defined and that we are going to knock down more cancers this year.

As you can see on the top right column of my blog, I have already started counting down the days until registration begins for the 2014 ride. I am satisfied that we have helped move the world closer to a day when cancer is history. But as we all know, there is never an ‘off-season’  for cancer… someone in our family or extended friends network will be diagnosed in the coming months. More families will mourn losses. And we will become more resolute in our mission. And the PMC, my team, and I will all ride on, and continue to fundraise, until the we give cancer a permanent off-season.

I am planning big things for my 2014 fundraising and ride (stay tuned in January).  So is the PMC!


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