Weekend Ride Schedule and PMC Opening Ceremony Info

I hope that you will check this out – it gives you a way to see part of the PMC if you aren’t riding, volunteering, or standing on the side of the road and cheering for riders. You will learn more about the impact that your donations have on the world of cancer research.

You can stream the 2013 PMC Opening Ceremonies live- Closer By The Mile! The stream starts at 6:50 pm – 8:30 pm at http://www.pmc.org! Hosted by PMC Founder, Billy Starr, with special guests; comedian Lenny Clarke, Olympic Gold Medalist & Dancing With The Stars finalist Aly Raisman, President of Dana-Farber Dr. Ed Benz, and more ..

Here is a quick snapshot of my PMC weekend schedule:

Friday: Get to Sturbridge

I will get a ride to Sturbridge with one of my teammates. We will get there in time to greet some of our Forza-G teammates who are riding what we call “Day 0” of the PMC, a ride over the Adirondacks from the New York/Massachusetts state line to Sturbridge. Then we will get checked in, I’ll see some friends from Harpoon and Duvine, bump into other riders that I know, get my registration packet, and have a team dinner. By 5:30-ish, I’ll be in the auditorium for the PMC Opening Ceremony, which I have never missed since I started riding the PMC. Then we’ll venture to our accomodations for a quick night’s sleep

Saturday: Sturbridge to Bourne

We will get to the starting point for the ride at the Sturbridge Host Hotel around 4:45 in the morning, drop off our backpacks on the trucks that take them to Bourne, grab some breakfast, and collect our bikes. At 5:30, it is time for the National Anthem and to rollout. There are 5 official rest stops on the 110-mile route from Sturbridge to Bourne. Our team will skip 2 of them, one for lunch, as our team captain’s sister just happens to live on the PMC route at about Mile 65 and she and other family members greet us with an amazing lunch spread, a shady yard, and some awesome amenities. After lunch (around 11 AM), we ride on towards Bourne, but really we are all looking forward to the Official Team Forza-G Pie Stop, hosted by Kathi Nelson. Conveniently located at Mile 100, the Pie Stop gives us a chance to see many family members, re-group as a team so we can ride into Bourne together, and LOTS OF PIE. Nothing is better than fresh pie when you have been riding 100 miles (I hope to be there around 1:30 PM).

Then it is on to Bourne and the Day 1 finish at Mass Maritime Academy (I’ll probably get there around 3 PM). Time for a fresh Harpoon beer, a shower, and a big meal. We get our official team photo taken, then at 6 PM, I will be joined by the other survivors who ride and volunteer this weekend for the annual Living Proof photo. Last year, I was able to meet one of my PMC heroes (read here) and re-connect with my first PMC survivor friend (read here). I am so looking forward to seeing Carie and Diane this year, as well as the over 300 survivors who will gather for this special moment, one that gives me inspiration and energy each day.

After the Living Proof photo, someone (or more than one) of the Decker family arrive at MMA to pick me up and take me over to Yarmouth, where we have rented a house for the week. After dinner and some story-telling, I’ll hit the pillow early.

Sunday: Bourne to Provincetown

Sunday morning starts early. The advantage of sleeping in a nice bed (rather than in a dorm or tent at MMA) is that someone, usually my father-in-law must trek me back to the campus to start on Sunday AM. That means a 4:15 AM wakeup call, a quick breakfast and a 40 minute drive back to Bourne.  Once there, I’ll find my teammates, have a little more food, pump up the bike tires and head over the Bourne Bridge. The first part of Sunday morning’s ride is along the Cape Cod Canal, along an easy and smooth trail path. Usually, it is just after sunrise, and it is very quiet along the canal. It is one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend. Much of the ride on the Cape is on Route 6A, or near the end on Route 6. The goal is to get through the 85+ miles and arrive in Provincetown by 12 noon. The final few miles are in the state park, riding through the Sand Dunes.  Then a nice long shower, lunch, a beer, and, for many of my teammates, a return to Boston on the PMC Party Ferry across Massachusetts Bay. I will head back to Yarmouth with a teammate and his family. I expect a nap to be involved.  Then more story-telling, dinner and very well deserved (and complete) night’s sleep.

And why do I do this? Because in the end, this weekend will result in over $38 million for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to continue in its mission to find cures for cancer. Having just learned about more families dealing with the crushing blow of losing a loved one to cancer, I am further inspired towards this goal. The ride is the easy part – it is this ultimate goal that is not going to be easy, not going to be simple, and is going to take some extra-ordinary efforts by some brilliant people to make happen. I am just honored to be able to help these doctors and researchers.

I hope that you will follow me this weekend on the ride (check out this post for details!) and check back on Monday or Tuesday for some stories and photos.


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