Why I am Committed to the PMC

Next week, we are ‘shipping up to Boston’ for my annual 192 mile bike ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown. I am now more committed to this cause and the Pan-Mass Challenge than ever.  As these summer days zip by, I want to take a moment to share the reasons why I have continued to ride the PMC even after battling cancer a second time.

  • Because of the encouragement and support that you have given me.
  • Because of the notes and phone calls I receive from friends who just want to talk about their family’s battle against cancer.
  • Because of the knowledge that a world where cancer is treatable, manageable, and curable is obtainable, if not in my lifetime, then in my daughter’s.
  • Because one of you receives an email from former Senator and now Secretary of State John Kerry every year about the PMC and to get a donation and you write him back to tell him that you are on board, but that you will supporting me instead of him.
  • Because of the hundreds of signs, put up along the PMC route by people I don’t know and will never meet, thanking the riders for riding a bike, saying that their mom or dad or son or daughter now have a chance to beat the cancer that they are fighting.
  • Because of the families in my life that are battling this disease right now.
  • Because of our loved ones who have been taken from us too soon.
  • Because I know what it is like to face cancer. And I want the fear that I faced and the suffering I dealt with to be gone from this world.

And most importantly because of these four words: A cure for cancer.

Chances are, you've been sitting on a cure for cancer

I ride the Pan-Mass Challenge to make the world cancer-free. Please support the 5,000 riders, the 3,000 volunteers, and the millions who will have to hear the words “You have cancer” if we don’t do something about it first – make a donation today.


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