Finding The PMC On The Side of a Mountain

I recently sat down with a friend over a cup of coffee. We’ve met each other a number of times at networking events over the past few months, but this was really the first time we had sat down and gotten to know each other. The conversation eventually came to cycling and my involvement in the PMC. I had my favorite PMC polo on, and my friend, named Andrew, recognized the logo and told me that the reason he recognized it was quite an interesting story. After hearing him tell the tale, I asked him if he would be willing to write it down so I could share it on my blog. Here is the story, which I think shows the type of people that are involved in the PMC – risk-takers, passionate, and COMMITTED:

A few years ago, I planned a three week family vacation to Idaho and Wyoming.
We spent a week in the luxurious Teton Village. Since I am an avid mountaineer, I found no joy in sitting by the pool or shopping in Jackson. Instead, I set my compass needle westward and scaled the hills behind Teton Village.
Of course I didn’t realize, nor care that I was going up double diamond ski runs in reverse, I just craved the effort and elevation. It mostly class 2/3 stuff. After one particularly challenging section, I stopped to rehydrate and take in the view.
It was late spring and the wildflowers were amazing. I noticed a small piece of metal sticking out of the ground.
When I picked it up I noticed a small tag which read: Closer by the MILE.
PMC Tag: Closer by the Mile
This small piece of metal was found by my friend Andrew as he was hiking up a double diamond ski slope near Jackson, WY while on summer vacation. Why this CLOSER by the MILE tag was there stuck in the ground, we will never know.

Fitting, since I was miles from anything with miles to go to get to nowhere.

When I got back later that night, I looked it up and found that it must have been detached (perhaps violently) from a bike.
Now why anyone in their right (or even twisted) mind would attempt a double diamond downhill, I have no idea, but I will salute them nonetheless.
So that is my story of how I came across my talismans of endurance.
Thank you Andrew for letting me share your story. I love thinking about some fun-loving PMC rider or volunteer, screaming down the side of a mountain on their mountain bike, loving life and living it to the fullest. To do that, you have to be COMMITTED, which is what the PMC is all about:

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