14,610 Days Old

Tomorrow will be my 14,610th day since birth.

In other words, I will be 40 years old. Even though I am having a hard time with that number for some reason, I do have a lot to be thankful for and consider myself to be very fortunate. I have an amazing wife, an awesome daughter, a spirited dog, a loving and supportive family, and a diverse and caring group of friends.

Because of modern medicine and some good fortune, I am still able to walk this earth. If you had asked me when I turned 21 what I hoped to do by the time I was 40, my list would not have included have and beat cancer. Not once, but twice. Each and every day, I get to live my life and I am thankful.

And I am committed to giving back – so, if you could, please honor those in your life who are battling or have survived cancer, and remember those who have bravely faced cancer and lost, by giving a gift to my PMC ride. Your gift will go towards saving lives and help more people be able to celebrate birthdays.
Please donate!

Now that is a great gift. Thank you in advance for your gift and your birthday wishes.


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