2 days, 192 miles and $10,000!

I have to imagine that for the dedicated readers of this space that my annual declaration of “I’m riding this year’s Pan Mass Challenge” and “I have never been more committed to this mission” comes with either little to no surprise at all or some questioning of my sanity. To be perfectly honest, there have been moments in the past where my sanity could be put into question.  And there have also been times when I questioned whether or not I wanted to spend the energy to train and fundraise again.

But not after 2011 and 2012. Not again. I am….


The Training – Necessary

The Fundraising – Very Necessary

The Mission – Required

My personal goals this year are to raise $10,000 and to ride from Sturbridge to Bourne to Provincetown, over 190 miles in 2 days, for the first time since I was diagnosed with my recurrence. I have already started training for the ride, earlier than I have ever started before. I’ll  take care of the cycling part, but I need your help to make my fundraising goal!

Here’s the deal – between now and Saturday, August 3rd (a span of 206 days) when I start on the road for a 192-mile weekend bike ride at 5:30 AM, please make a donation to the PMC and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute AND ask a friend to do it too! Each day, each donation, and each mile, we are closer to a cure.

Here’s the link to my personal, safe, and secure donation page.

Thank you!


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