Favorite PMC 2012 Moment

Each year at the PMC, I have had the good fortune of making new friends. Some are new teammates, some folks I just chat with in the food line or on the road. It is part of what makes the PMC special to me. And each year, I look for these friends, to say hi, and to catch up.

The person I look forward to seeing the most each year is my dear friend and fellow survivor Diane. Diane is a breast cancer survivor who I met while eating dinner the night before my first PMC. At that point, she was a second year rider. That weekend, we kept bumping into each other, we road for a while together, then again at the Living Proof photo. And each year, we find each other and catch up. Thanks to Facebook and Smartphones, we stay in touch between the rides as well. When I think of past PMC weekends, my precious time chatting with Diane is quick to come to mind.

A few years back, Diane and I started a tradition of taking our photo together in Bourne after the Living Proof photo. Last year, she took the photo without me. It was very thoughtful, very touching to me that she took the time to do that. It has also provided me some serious motivation.  I have been on a mission to make sure that both of us were in that photo this year. I had many great and memorable moments this year, including riding with my teammates, meeting an “old friend’ for the very first time, and riding into Bourne at the end of Saturday. But my favorite memory and the one that means the most is being in this picture with my dear dear friend.

Annual Photo with my dear friend Diane, who has given me inspiration and provided me great support!

It was quite a day, and this was the cherry on top. Diane, Same time, same place next year?


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