Sad News from a Friend

Team Forza-G 2012
Our team wears Pink Jerseys on Sunday to honor those in our lives who have battled breast cancer. This photo was taken on Sunday of the 2012 PMC, near the finish, our team powering up a hill. It makes me think of the long battles that so many have fought against this disease and how we are so close to finding a cure, we just need to get over the last hill.

I have many inspiring and good stories to share from last weekend’s PMC adventure, but I am saddened today by the passing of the courageous mother of a friend and teammate. She had a long battle with breast cancer. The advances made in breast cancer treatment during her battle alone extended her life long enough so that she could see the final two of her three children get married and enjoy the addition of all four grandchildren. For this my friend and teammate has extended his thanks to our team and its supporters. Having lost a grandmother and an aunt to the scourge of breast cancer and having watched my mother win her own battle with it, I am not a stranger to the pain and heartache that this disease causes. While my heart is heavy tonight, I know that in general great strides are being made in treating breast cancer and that we are starting to win the fight a lot more often than we lose it. I also know that in this case, despite her passing, that we have a life to celebrate and remember, a life that was filled with love, and that is a special thing indeed.

I do have a bunch of stories to share about PMC weekend, many of them involving breast cancer survivors, but I will share them another time, when my spirits are a little bit higher.

Until then….


One thought on “Sad News from a Friend

  1. A beautiful person who treated my daughter as one of her own grandchildren. I feel lucky to have counted her as a friend.

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