The Numbers are Staggering

Today was the first day that I went for a bike ride outside of my house since August 8th, 2010 (Sunday of the last Pan-Mass Challenge that I rode). It was a short ride, not that hard by the regular standards. I did not do that well. It was about as I expected. Excitement to start, thrilled to rush down the first hill, and paranoid about the first hill.

What that means is that it has been nearly 2 full years since my last ride. I thought I would do a little research and share some numbers from the American Cancer Society

Since my last ride:

  • 3 million new cases of cancer have been diagnosed in the United States. Yes, you read that right – 3 MILLION
  • slightly more than 1 million Americans have died from cancer. That is over 1,500 per day.
  • The National Institutes of Health annually estimates the overall costs for cancer. Based on recent trends, you can expect the total cost to be more than $510 billion (in the US alone).

While my ride today was short, it did give me enough time to remind myself why I am pushing myself. To put an end of all these statistics. To end the pain. To end the suffering. To end the sadness. TO END CANCER IN MY LIFETIME.

In three weeks, the self-proclaimed greatest cancer-fighting team in history hits the road. Many of you, my dear friends, have made your donation – you are part of the team. If you have not joined the team yet, by making a donation to this year’s PMC, please watch this video – and then COMMIT!


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