Thoughts on “Am I a Cancer Survivor?”

What does it mean to be a cancer survivor? For everyone it is very different, for some they can’t even use the word ‘survivor’. I accept and embrace the word – for it means that there is still life, energy, spirit, and opportunity within you to push on, to push forward. I take my cancer survivorship as a challenge to be a spokesperson for research and to be a sounding board for anyone who is facing the challenge of living a life with cancer.
Once you are diagnosed with cancer, your life changes – it is a life with cancer. And to live that life, you must learn how to survive – survive the treatment, survive the uncertainty of what your next scan or blood test might bring, survive how it changes your body, mind, and spirit. There is a lot of survival in living with cancer. It can be hard for some to handle and grasp, but it can be embraced and give a sense of direction and purpose in your life.
(Secrets of Cancerhood is a brilliantly written blog by Suleika Jaouad, who is currently undergoing treatment for acute myeloid leukemia. Her blog is captivating, thoughtful, and inspring, and is featured on the New York Times.)


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