Time for a change

Usually, I devote this blog entirely to my life with cancer and my Pan-Mass Challenge fundraising efforts. Today, I have a tangential topic to discuss, yet another fairly major change in my life.

At the end of this week, I will be completing my stint at Harpoon Brewery. It has been a great run of 7 1/2 years, I am so proud of the work that I have done and contributed during that time. My last day will be June 30th. Working remotely for Harpoon from Baltimore was never been the long-term plan, either for me or the company. When they recently asked me to spend more time back in Boston, I recognized that this would be a great time for me to go another direction, and to find a new challenge, hopefully something in Baltimore. This decision came after great contemplation.

So what is the new direction? What is next? These are questions that I don’t entirely have answers to yet. I have started to do some consulting and have some feelers out to a number of Baltimore-area companies and consultant groups. In the short-term, I am going to try it on my own as a social marketing strategy consultant, but I am confident that a long-term gig will present itself that will give me another chance to make a difference on a lot of levels. At this time in my life, I often think about the motto of my alma mater – ‘Meliora’ – which means ‘better’. I look at this as a chance to make myself better and to contribute to something to make the world better. That is my direction – better.

Over the past 12 years, I have worked in minor league baseball and at a brewery, both have given me the opportunity to learn and grow, make great friends, have an amazing amount of fun, and travel to some special places. My colleagues at the brewery, especially my boss Charlie, have been so supportive of me over the past 15 months, throughout my cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. I will forever be grateful for that. And of course, my involvement in the Pan Mass Challenge and raising money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a direct result of my time at Harpoon. I am indebted to Jaime Schier, my great friend and colleague, for inspiring me to ride.

I will close this with two requests of you:

  1. PLEASE DONATE to my PMC ride – the 1st weekend of August, I will be there with 5000+ cyclists and 3000 volunteers for a cycling event that will contribute $35 million to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Every Dollar Counts!
  2. CHECK OUT MY LINKEDIN PROFILE and think about who you know that maybe I should know, especially if they are in Baltimore, Washington, DC, brand marketing, social media marketing, or not-for-profit marketing. Or something else – I’m open to considering anything. Thank you in advance!



2 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Seems like most all changes are for the better! You are more than up for this new challenge.

  2. Andy, you are going to a great help to some company that will be lucky to have you! see you in August!

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