HopeWell Cancer Support

This morning, I went to “Reach Out and Run”, a fundraising road race for HopeWell Cancer Support. I have been going to HopeWell since last summer and have found it to be so helpful and beneficial . I invite you to visit the website to learn more…

While at this event, I was reminded of a song by Martina McBride about dealing with cancer. It was played as runners crossed the finish line. I was struck by the connection – being at a race for a support center and the song “I am Going to Love You Through It”. The more I watch others go through their battle with cancer, and sadly I know many people who are doing this right now, the more I am in awe of their families who support them, care for them, love them. And each day, I am so grateful for my family and friends who continue to help me get through the days of my recovery. I have said it before. I will continue to say it. Thank you!

I continue to go through the recovery process. It is slow, frustrating, and difficult. I am not 100%. I don’t know if I will ever be. I hope that I can find a new ‘normal’ that allows me to lead a slightly more active life than I can lead right now. It would be nice to be able to workout.

To my fellow survivors: today I am thinking of you… Be Strong. Be Loved. Be Well.



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