IT’S 2012 – Now it’s really time to beat cancer!

2012 – I am glad you are here. 

2011 was not a whole lot of fun for me and my family, being forced to tackle cancer head on and beat it again. When you get that diagnosis, like I did last March, about all you can do is put your head down and charge forward. No one says “hey, I want to beat cancer this year”. If you are lucky enough to do it, then you did what you had to do. It is really that simple. For me and many others, there was never another option.
The same is true about riding the PMC. Today, I registered for the 2012 Pan Mass Challenge! This year, I will be 10 months removed from my final chemo treatment, and as I write this in January, I have not been on my bicycle for 18 months. But, some way, I will be in Sturbridge ready to go. I have set the goal to again raise $7,000 in life-saving funds to aid cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.
Now here is the challenge for you! Donate. I guarantee you that I am not the only person that you will meet in your lifetime that has had cancer. And through the PMC and our efforts to make cancer history, more of the people in your life that are stricken will be cured. Make a donation and save lives. It is that simple.
Please continue to read my blog for updates on my recovery and updates on my training and fundraising efforts. I hope to see you soon.

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