In Memory

A friend of mine died today. From cancer. He had been battling cancer for the last five years of his life. First it was colon cancer. Then prostate. The treatments, and there were many, never worked against his prostate cancer. In August, he told a group of us that he was not going to fight it any longer, but in fact, his doctor talked him into one more drug, one more treatment. That failed as well. It was about a month ago that he decided he was done. He was in pain and in constant need of units of blood, as the cancer was preventing his bone marrow from producing new blood cells. He set up hospice care to come watch him.

The last time I saw him was two weeks ago, at an awards ceremony. The award he received was “The Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” , the highest medal that can be awarded to the laity by the Pope. He was a teacher for his entire adult life, in fact, he taught his last class to his students via Skype 3 weeks ago. He was a man of great courage, humor, and compassion. The last couple of months, he knew the end was near, but he never talked of dying, he would just say that he was ‘going Home to God’. I was always struck by the sincerity and honesty in his voice when he said that.

My life is better for knowing you, JK. And I know that you are Home now.


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