12 chemo treatments. 12 PMC Shirts.

When I started my second battle against cancer back in the spring, I made the decision that I wanted to have the PMC and everything that it means to me with me whenever I went in for treatments. It all started on April 26th, wearing my 2010 PMC Living Proof T-shirt. I felt that day that I was going from a cancer survivor, in PMC vocabulary, a ‘Living Proof’, back to a cancer patient. And it ended 5 months later, September 27th, with me proudly wearing a 2011 Living Proof t-shirt, sent to me by the PMC staff so I could wear it on this day. More than anything, I wish I could have been in Bourne on PMC weekend to get this shirt and meet the other PMC Living Proof at the annual photo. But it was not meant to be this year. I am honored to be part of this special group of people, PMC Living Proof, and can’t wait to get on the bike to start my training to get to Bourne for that photo next year.

Till then, enjoy the photos.

Treatment #1 - April 26, 2011. Living Proof 2010 T-shirt
Getting Ready for Treatment #2 - May 10, 2011. Living Proof 2009 T-shirt.
Treatment 3 - May 24, 2011. Living Proof 2008 T-shirt.
Waiting for Treatment #4 - June 7, 2011. Black PMC Performance 3oth anniversary shirt
waiting for chemo treatment #5 - June 21, 2011. Living Proof 2007 (from my 1st PMC)
Treatment 6 - July 5, 2011. PMC Polo.
Treatment #7 - July 19, 2011. 2011 PMC Commit Performance Shirt.
Treatment 8 - August 2, 2011. PMC 2011 Performance shirt. The very next day, we were heading up to Massachusetts to watch the 2011 PMC on Cape Cod. The red stuff in the syringe is Doxorubicin, one of the 4 chemo drugs I received.
Waiting for chemo treatment #9 - August 16, 2011. 2008 PMC T-shirt. Had to get stuck by 4 needles today.
A good view of my IV for treatment #10. It took 4 needles to get the IV that day.
A good view of my IV for treatment #10. It took 4 needles to get the IV that day.
Next to last chemo treatment, #11. Wearing an official 2011 PMC T-shirt for this one.
September 27, 2011 - Final chemo treatment #12. Living Proof again! This t-shirt is given to all PMC riders who are cancer survivors at the end of day 1 of the ride and worn during the annual Living Proof (aka Survivors) photo. I received my shirt a few weeks ago, thanks to the folks at the PMC, and wore it for the first time today, the day I stopped being a cancer patient and returned to being a cancer survivor.

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