Michele’s first blog ever

When Andy started his blog, I immediately asked if I could write a guest blog, thinking it would be a great way to keep in touch and reach out to family and friends.   But as I soon found out, and as many of you are well aware, the responsibilities of primary caregiver to toddler, chemo patient and beloved dog left little time for much else.    So I am finally here, 5 months into the 6 month chemo adventure.   

I am really writing to say thank you for the outpouring of love and support from our friends and family.

Cancer can spark a feeling of helplessness – that feeling that nothing that seems to make it better or go away.  I know this feeling well, having watched Andy suffer the effects of chemo.  If only I could make him the perfect milkshake, maybe he would have a great day.  If only I could find him a tshirt so fantastic that he would feel energized and even maybe normal.   I began to realize that I couldn’t take any of it away for him.  

I share this because I know that our friends and family often ask what more they can do.   I know they want to do something more.  Something bigger.  Something better.  Something spectacular.  I know that deep down they would do anything to take this away for us.   

I never found the perfect tshirt for Andy.   And maybe some of you wished that you could find that spectacular special something too.   Perhaps the search continues.

In the meantime, I hope you know what a difference you have made for us over these difficult months.   

Your unwavering support in the forms of meals, emails, cards, calls, visits, care packages, to name a few, have helped us profoundly.  It is hard to imagine the power of cards and packages until you are the recipient.   You made generous contributions to our meal and housecleaning programs, knit special blankets, sent flowers and delicious cookies, emailed and texted us on chemo days, and offered to travel many miles and take time away from significant responsibilities to help us out.  Those nearby somehow found time to bring us homecooked meals, walk our dog, entertain our daughter, leave us exciting surprises on the porch, do airport runs and drive us other assorted places, and check in on us regularly.  

All told, your gifts continue to give us strength and courage when we need it the most.  They remind us that we are in your hearts and prayers, near and far.  We are humbled by this.  We hang on to it.  We put it in our pockets for a little extra something in the crummiest of moments.   In the best of moments, we look forward to celebrating with you when it is all over.   We can’t thank you enough.  

xoxo Michele


4 thoughts on “Michele’s first blog ever

  1. A great blog, Michele…you are a heartfelt and wonderful writer. I’d expect nothing less from a woman who chose Catherine of Quail for her saint for confirmation! We love you all and yes we wish we could do something spectacular to take it all away. Thanks for knowing that we care.

  2. As someone who has been known to spend 30 minutes in the card section at Target or CVS, I feel you on this one. I love you so much. You are doing an incredible job taking care of Andy, Shannon, and Murphy.

  3. Michelle, one would imagine the “perfect tshirt” in Andy’s life is YOU;-)

    Looking forward to meeting you and your beautiful little girl one of these days. Come and see us on the Maine coast next summer and we’ll sit in the sun and watch our kids play in the ocean! (Andy is invited too of course lol)

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