#9 is in my veins & a PMC Weekend Recap

Waiting for chemo treatment #9. Had to get stuck by 4 needles today.

The 32nd Pan Mass Challenge has come and gone (but you can still make your donation). And so has my 9th chemo treatment. As is typical, treatment day was a very long day and I am resting. The recovery time to regain my energy level now is nearly the entire time between the treatments. In the next 41 days, I will have my final 3 chemo treatments. Not that anyone is counting.

I had the good fortune, thanks to the tremendous effort of my wife and her family, to be in Barnstable on Sunday, August 7th as my Forza-G teammates were riding the second day of this year’s PMC. It was great to see the team, and some other great friends (Diane, Jared, and Pastor John). It was fairly early on Sunday morning, before 8 AM, and our family was out front of our vacation rental, conveniently located on the PMC route. Everyone except for my daughter, who decided to sleep in (for once).

My teammates, during our traditional team photo in Bourne, held up ‘cardboard’ cutouts of myself and two other missing teammates so we could feel like we were there. Sadly, these two missing teammates were not riding during this years PMC as there were separately with beloved family members who passed in the days after the ride. Another reminder of why we ride the PMC.

Diane taking our traditional Bourne photo, wishing I was there. (apologies for the blurriness - camera battery was about to fail)

In another photo taken in Bourne, my fantastic PMC friend and fellow cancer survivor Diane, took a picture of her (sorry, it is a little blurry, her camera battery was about to fail) in the same spot she and I had our picture taken last year. Her arm is extended, acting as though I was there with her. Very thoughtful and very touching.

Here are some photos of my teammates visiting us in Barnstable. You should know that our team today passed $200,000 raised this year. WOW! Thank you for your donation into that total! It is amazing…. our new goal for this year – $250,000!

(click on any pic to see a full size image)

Again – thanks to all my teammates for their continued support, their tremendous fundraising efforts, and their energy. Seeing all of you in Barnstable was the highlight of my summer. I will see you all soon on the road.

Finally, I had the great pleasure tonight of finding this video by country singer Martina McBride. She wrote this song about supporting a loved one with cancer, and this morning, a special video was shown on Good Morning America and on CMT.com. Watching this video made me so thankful for my amazing wife who has taken care of me every day, my family and her family who have come to stay with us to help, our many friends who have provided us meals and house cleaning, and for all of the people who have sent me notes of love and support. This video moved me tremendously, I hope that you will find the power in it for someone who has cancer.

>> watch “I’m Gonna Love You Through it” by Martina McBride

As always, thanks for your support as I continue this battle.  Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and share my experiences.




3 thoughts on “#9 is in my veins & a PMC Weekend Recap

  1. Andy, I wish we could have been with you to meet “your team”. Thank you Team Forza-G for the many ways you have supported Andy and Michele this year. As I’ve talked with Andy these past few months, I’ve heard about all the ways Forza-G teammates have stepped up and gone way beyond the normal definition of team. You are the greatest PMC.team.

    Thank you for sharing “I’m going to love you through it.” As I listened and cried, I thought about you and me as we survive and all those that we both care about who have battled their own way through cancer. Your blog means so much to me and really helps take away the miles between Bangor and Baltimore. You are the greatest.and you are loved! Mom

  2. The team picture this year was pretty moving, we have so much to think about this time around. Seeing you & your awesome family was a highlight of the weekend for me Andy. You are truly a lucky man to have such people in your life. It was more than a little hard pedaling away from Barnstable; I was kind of glad there weren’t many people on the road at that point. As mentioned before, I am _really_ looking forward to the next beer I get to have with you.

    Joe T. is talking about riding the course later this autumn in honor of Mama D.; I intend to join him and you will once again be in my thoughts.

    Three to go: beat it down, Andy.

    Lonna, looking forward to seeing you & Chuck again, too!

  3. We so love that you are keeping us informed of all this about the race. Thanks for taking the time and know how much we are thinking of you and praying for you.

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