Treatment #5 and The Steal

waiting for chemo treatment #5

Today was Chemo Treatment #5. It is 7:30 PM, a few hours after treatment ended. It was another long day at the Cancer Center, but no immediate fatigue and no nausea during the day. The battle of me vs. side effects resumes tomorrow and will last for about a week or so. Nausea, fatigue, heartburn, among others. Thankfully, last week’s news make it a little more palatable, but I am quickly reminded that I still have to get through 4 more months of this.

Now, my new-found connection with Dave Roberts, former Red Sox.

I already loved this guy for his clutch steal of second base in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS against those Yankees. Somehow I missed the fact that Dave Roberts last year was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in March 2010.

Dave  just had a PET scan at Dana Farber in Boston to take a look at where things are with the lymphoma and I heard a radio interview with him. When he said ‘I gotta clean bill of health from his doctors’, you could feel his smile through the radio. The smile on my face was larger than it was on October 27, 2004 when the Sox won the World Series and larger than last Wednesday when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

Congrats Dave on the great news! Be strong!

Red Sox Journal: Roberts returns to Fenway cancer-free | Boston Red Sox | | The Providence Journal.


4 thoughts on “Treatment #5 and The Steal

  1. 😉 Is there some advice you have for what you should (or should not) say to someone going through chemo? When I had a friend in Afghanistan I used to email him food porn and wish him to be safe, but somehow that doesn’t seem appropriate here (though somehow comparing going through chemo to fighting in a war zone does . . . ) Here’s wishing you well, wishing you safe, and wishing you a speedy return to safe haven . . .

    1. My advice. Tell them that you are thinking of them and love them. That you want to hear from them and know how they are. Just being connected to others is so valuable.
      Food is also very good. Can’t get enough.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing! This is my 3rd year riding the pmc and I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when I was 18 and underwent chemo and a knee replacement, thought I kicked it’s butt, but then after 3 lung surgeries in the past 6 years and a kidney removed, I realized it was back. I started treatments this past november, had lung surgery 3 weeks ago and unfortunately I’m about to start more chemo in 2 weeks. I’m hoping to be able to ride this year, with my personal trainer riding tandem with me for the ride! I wish you the best of luck and maybe I can meet you at the waterstop! Good luck in the next 4 months and you will beat this! We can do it! 🙂 hope you’re doing alright! -Stirling winder

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