Treatment #3 update and a story

A quick story from today’s treatment follows. But first an update:

On Friday, I went in to get blood tests done. My neutrophils were back up to normal levels, a strong number, which meant I could go to public places again! We celebrated this news by going to our local Friday night “music on the square” with our friends Cindy, Arun, and Ayla. It was a great start to a fun weekend, which include a grocery store trip, getting the dog groomed, a birthday party for a friend of Shannon’s and grilling out with the Kostics. Hooray for all!

So neutrophils are funny things. When you are low, you don’t really notice it. Kind of a problem, since you don’t get blood tests every day. This morning, my blood tests before treatment showed that the neutrophils had again dropped below the ‘don’t go out in public’ threshold, but I was still able to get treatment #3 (25% done!)

Every time I hear the word neutropenic, I sing the tune (replace reunited with neutropenic)
“reunited and it feels so good”.
Not sure why. No sure how. I just do.

Tonight, I am home resting, knowing that the next 3 or 4 days I will be fatigued, have a hard time concentrating, have to manage the side effects and, lest we forget, I am neutropenic (and it feels so good).

Now the story:
Many friends have told me that my cancer recurrence has given them time to pause and be grateful for what they have in their life. It has for me as well, and today was another reminder.

Today in the chemo treatment room, i sat next to a guy in his early thirties. He was a pretty fit guy. Found out that he is getting a stem cell transplant because his Hodgkins came back 18 months after his first round of chemo (what I am getting now). The week before he found out his cancer was back, he found out that his wife was pregnant. With twins!!!

His stem cell transplant will be done by August, if all goes well. Stem cell transplants are more common today than ever, but it is still a risky process.

Their Twins arrive in November.

Gives your life a little perspective, eh?



5 thoughts on “Treatment #3 update and a story

  1. Hey, bud, I was thinking of you yesterday. Hope you’re doing well today; keep it low. Mary & I are headed over to the Kraft Center tonight for platelet donation. “Date night” can be so romantic….

  2. Hi,

    just how low are your nutrophils? I was on 1 2 weeks ago so I missed out on chemo for a week.

    Previously I had been down on 33 for plateletswhich ended up with petechiae

    I’m still out and about but friends know to avoid me if they have ANY kid of infection.

    Had double whammy on chemo last Wed. but I seem OK so far but I’m on Ciprrofloxacin 500mg. as a profilactic anti biotic to cover lack of neutrophils and lack of immune system and also Metronidazole 400MG for anaerobic infection (Teath) – seems to hold up quite well.

    If details would help – check out my blog and Twitter at
    I’ve been fighting cancer for 13+ years so far!

    Good luck – Only 7.5M die of cancer each year out of 7Bn but 56M die in total so we are relatively safe 😉


    1. Greg- on treatment days, my neutrophils are down to about 500-600. Not too low for treatment, just too low to hang out in public places. Good luck with your treatments and i will check out your blog.

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