Chemo Treatment #2: The Neutrophil Edition

On Tuesday, Michele and I went into the cancer center for Treatment #2. Each day of the prior week, I felt stronger and stronger, dealing with the side effects of the chemo and the side effects of the medications that I take to slow the side effects of the chemo (get that?). Each time we walk into the cancer center for treatment, I have to go get blood drawn. The lab results of that blood dictate whether or not I get to receive treatment or not. My nurse looks at all the data to see if my white or red blood cell counts are above the threshold needed to receive chemo.

On Tuesday, despite my feeling very good, we found out that a certain type of white blood cells, the neutrophils, are ‘low’. Not critical, but there was a big drop off from my last blood test. When you have low levels of neutrophils in your blood, aka you are neutropenic, you are susceptible to infection. So that means for me right now, no crowds, minimal public places, and in general, LAY LOW! As I understand, my neutrophil production is on a cycle that lags behind the chemo by about a week – so this week, they should be rebuilding and then next week, they’ll be knocked down again by the effects of the chemo. Much like my energy level, a neutrophil roller coaster ride.

Getting Ready for Treatment #2

All in all, on this Friday, I am feeling better than after Treatment #1. Yesterday, I went for my first ever acupuncture treatment. It immediately relaxed me. Hopefully, it will help with my side effects and energy level. I am going to try it out every week going forward. I took a long nap this morning, but have been plugging away at my computer all afternoon. I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with Michele and Shannon this weekend.

To all our Boston friends who contributed to the “FOODLER” fund: Thank you – we enjoyed our first meal yesterday.

To my “FC Football Club” teammates: thank you for the great card that you sent me!

To my Team Forza-G teammates: FUNDRAISE TO CURE CANCER!

To my family and friends: thanks for all the notes, cards, texts, and emails. I am so appreciative of all the love and support that you have given me and Michele during this time. We are stronger because of you.

Til next time,



Effects of chemotherapy

8 thoughts on “Chemo Treatment #2: The Neutrophil Edition

  1. Dear Andy, So happy to get this blog via your dear sister-in-law, Suzanne , on Facebook. I keep wondering how things are going and now I find out that I can find out! Keep up your good spirit and know that and Michelle and Shannon are being held in prayer and love by friends all over the world. We love you, Catherine and John and all the the household in Iowa where we are visiting right now

    1. Don’t know why my comment is “awaiting moderation”. Perhaps it realizes that I left out the the YOU before and Michelle, etc. Hope you get it one way or the other. Love, Catherine of Quail

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