Chemo Treatment: 1 Week Later

Here is a quick update, one week since I received Chemo Treatment #1. Basically, I have learned one thing about going through chemo: it’s not the chemo, it’s the side effects!

Last Tuesday, I went into the Cancer Center with Michele, had blood drawn, went to ‘chemo class’, and then went to Treatment Room C to meet my nurse, Ella-Mae. Well, if only I could describe Ella-Mae for you. Let’s just say this, she is positive, high-energy, and hilarious! The days sitting the chair getting the chemo will be a lot easier with her right there making us laugh.

The treatment in total took about 3 hours for me to get all the drugs. The treatment protocol that I am on is known as ABVD (good website explaining what it is: Ella-Mae loaded me up with some other medications, like anti-nausea drugs and steroids to kick start blood cell production, just prior to starting the doses. All in all, getting the chemo was not that bad, we were able to have lunch while I was getting the drugs, and Ella-Mae put a smile on our faces as we left.

So all the medications that I am now taking are to fight off the side effects of the chemo. I am staring right now at a stack of pill bottles. I had a little nausea last week, but the meds took it away quickly. I was very tired on Thursday and Friday and took my time getting going over the weekend. This Monday was the first day since chemo without taking a nap. Day-to-day, it seems like I will follow a regular cycle of energy, side effects, and nausea between treatments. After having been through it once, my guess is that it will become more manageable, although my basic level of fatigue will become increase.

Like I said – It’s not the chemo, it’s the side effects.

Thanks for all the support, cards, email, FOOD, messages, and love. It has made the low points of Week 1 more manageable and helps us get through each day.




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