Update to start the week

This week, I will be doing a lot of tests, scans, and blood work in preparation for chemo treatment to start a week from Tuesday, April 26. Basically, this week is “sit and wait” for everyone but me. I have a lot of appointments. I had to cancel another trip up to Boston for work.  I am planning to correspond with all of the generous folks who have donated to my PMC fundraising over the years and discuss my plans for later this summer. Other than that, I think we are trying to get our life a little more organized and enjoy the Easter holiday weekend.

I have been thinking that maybe the title of this blog could use some work. Maybe you could take this poll to help me (re)name my blog. Thanks!

Thanks again for all of the emails, comments, cards, and calls. I really appreciate it and need it.



2 thoughts on “Update to start the week

  1. Andy,
    this is Matthew Callahan. In honor of you I will fall over on my bike at the stop sign like you did last year (LOL) My prayers are with you and i will see you in Barnstable . stay well.

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