What The PMC Opening Ceremonies is All About

Every year, I try and get my supporters to watch the PMC Opening Ceremonies show on NECN. This year’s 30 minute live show from Sturbridge, with yours truly in attendance, was excellent. The highlight was the interview with 7-time PMCer, cancer survivor Senator John Kerry and some guy named Scott.

In the 30 minutes prior to going live with the show on NECN, there is a little pre-game show to get the PMCers revved up. PMC Founder Billy Starr leads the proceedings, throwing out lots of big numbers. There are many moving speeches, and many accolades are given. For the first time ever, I have found a video of this pre-Opening Ceremony show that I want to share with you. The best part of this 35 minute clip starts at 15:20. I just watched cancer survivor Carrie Copescella speech again, and I cried again.

Around minute 14, there is a call for all Living Proof riders to stand. You don’t see me on this video, but you better believe I was standing tall and proud. Fourteen years and counting!

I hope you enjoy this video – it shows the true PMC spirit.

Thanks to David Hellman for posting this video on Vimeo.


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