Sunday Morning at 2010 PMC

Sunday morning in Bourne for the PMC is interesting. Riders all have there own agendas – packing up tents, getting breakfast, rolling out to Wellesley or Provincetown. There is a lot of sore spots and aches and pains. But a beautiful ride awaits, with thousands of people lining the roads cheering us on. It is different that Saturday in Sturbridge. On Saturday, all the riders are wearing the same PMC jersey. We are all headed in the same direction. There are so many people, even at 5:30 AM, along the side of the road waving, cheering, holding signs.

I think that on Saturday, we are all aligned for the PMC cause. Not that we are not on Sunday – but I think Sunday represents a little more of the individual nature of why each rider and volunteer participates in the PMC. One of the most obvious ways that is represented is in the cycling jerseys. Riders can wear any jersey they want. Many represent their corporate sponsors or wear a favorite PMC jersey from another year. Riders on teams, like Team Forza-G, have their own team jersey that they wear. This year, our team created a new team jersey for Sunday, to honor all of the women in our lives who have had breast cancer.

Forza-G for Breast Cancer Research
Sunday's ride is in memory of my grandmother and aunt and in honor of my mom!

I ride the PMC and do the fundraising and all the training for a number of reasons. One of the most important to me is to remember my aunt Norma, who passed weeks prior to my first PMC, and my beloved grandmother, along with honoring my inspiring mom, all of who have had personal battles with breast cancer. I am so excited to wear this jersey today. There will be lots of tears (and some smiles too) along the road today for me. I hope that this ride, our efforts over the years, make it so that I don’t have to watch my wife and our daughter go through the same tough battles in the future that the Trefethen women have had with breast cancer in the past. This is why I ride today.

to my Mom – I love you! Thanks for being so strong and being my inspiration.



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