Remember Last Year’s Ride

I was thinking last night about last year’s PMC Ride. Mostly because I have not trained nearly as much as last year and I am hoping that I can pull through in good shape. The 2009 PMC ride was a fun one (recap here). I remember riding along and then seeing a father & daughter riding along, with dad wearing a yellow sign on his back that said “Living Proof Dad” and his daughter with a sign that says “Living Proof Daughter”. It makes me cry every time I think about it.

Team Forza-G's Pedal Partner - Mason!

I also think of our Pedal Partner, Mason. He was 5 years old last year and gave us all a thrill when he stopped by one of our water stops. This year, his family is expecting the arrival of their third child on PMC weekend, so we might not see him, but undoubtedly, the entire family will be in our thoughts.

I also think about all of the people who I was asked to ride for. Moms, grandparents, friends, cousins, professors. All loved. Some lost to cancer, like my aunt Norma. Some battling cancer every day. Just like little Mason. Just like I did 14 years ago. More tears.

Then I think about all of the great people who have sponsored me (172 and counting) throughout the last 4 years. And all of my great teammates on Team Forza-G. And all of the folks that played in my soccer tournament last year. I get excited and inspired. Without all of these people, I would just be pedaling down the road. With all of you, I am on a mission, empowered, motivated. I could not do this without you. Thank you!

All of this leads to this gallery of photos, which I don’t think I shared at the end of last year’s ride. Here are my photo highlights from the 2009 PMC. Enjoy!


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