Living Proof!

This past Saturday, July 24, was the 14th anniversary of my last cancer treatment. In 11 days, I will ride my 4th PMC.

Last year’s PMC Living Proof Photo (I am in the front row on the right with Forza-G teammate and Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Backstedt).

I would like to quickly say thank you to my doctors, nurses, and radiation therapists at the University of Rochester Cancer Center, where I spent a lot of time in 1996. I think about them regularly and am so grateful to them for their skill and kindness.

Since I started this post, odds are, someone was told that they had cancer. I know that they are probably very afraid and scared of what is to come. We all have the opportunity to create cures for cancers. I got one. Not everyone does. Give the gift of life today by contributing and sponsoring research and treatment at the ground-breaking Dana-Farber Cancer Institute!

>> Please donate to my PMC Ride this year


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