Training Begins

For a number of reasons, I have delayed starting my training this year for the 2010 PMC. The 190+ mile adventure begins in a little over a month, and I picked this morning to start my training. Let me tell you a little about Monday, July 5th in Baltimore, MD, USA. It gets hot, very HOT, very quickly in the morning. When I left the house it was 74 degrees. Ninety minutes (and not many miles later) when I returned to the house, it was 94 degrees.

So, heat, not enough hydration, some bike issues, and not having trained in 9 months all led to a BONK! It was not a bad one, but it was nevertheless not the start to the condensed training season that I was looking for.

The 31st PMC starts in Sturbridge in 32 days. I gotta get on the horse and ride.

What can you do to help? Donate! The PMC will raise over $31 million this year for life-saving cancer research and treatment. I guarantee you know someone who is going through cancer treatment right now. I also guarantee you that someone close to you will be diagnosed with cancer someday. Help give the gift of life today!
Please donate at my PMC page:

Thank you for your continued support!


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