Fundraising Update

Thanks to a number of donations this weekend from family and friends, fundraising for this year’s ride has eclipsed $2,000 and my lifetime PMC fundraising is now over $14,000.

In the grand scheme of the world and curing cancer, these are not huge totals. But when you consider that more than 5,000 people ride the PMC each year, and that it takes 30 million $1 bills to make $30 million check (this year’s PMC goal), you realize that every little bit adds up.

With each person’s donation, I become prouder to be affiliated with this tremendous event and more indebted to the generosity of my friends and family who are helping make a world without cancer a possibility. In total, I have 139 very special people (so far) to thank for helping us reach the $14,000 plateau. I hope that with your continued support, that number will reach over $20,000 before the end of this year.

If you have not yet donated – here’s your chance.

Again, thank you for helping make this all possible.


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