60 Days

60 Days. That is all that remains between me and the 2009 PMC. A lot can happen in 60 days.

Back in 1996, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, stage 2A in February. Within the next 60 days, I had a full workup to determine the extent of the disease with many visits, tests, and scans done, had my spleen removed, and started radiation treatment. It all happened very quickly for me. Within another 60 days,  I was nearly completed my radiation treatments. Like I said, it happened very quickly.

Think about this… the American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 1.5 million Americans will be diagnosed with a form of cancer in 2009. That works out to about 4,000 per day. Today. 4,000 more people found out that they had cancer. In the next 60 days, nearly 240,000 people will learn that they have cancer. That is more people than live in the city of Rochester, NY, where I went to college, found out I had cancer, was treated, and cured.

60 Days. In the next 60 days, I will watch my sister-in-law be married, go to 3 or 4 Red Sox games, play in 8 to 10 soccer games, commute to work and back home, and ride about 1,000 miles in training.

In the next 60 days, I will also send a lot of emails to my family and friends, keeping them posted on my training and asking them to make a small sacrifice so that others, like a friend from college, or the son or daughter of a person in their neighborhood, or a family member, may have a chance to enjoy many more days should they ever hear the words “You have cancer”. I have heard these words. I believe that the words after those three words should be “and we can beat it”.  That is why I continue to ride, push, train, and fundraise for the PMC, the Jimmy Fund, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

In 60 days – 240,000 people will hear the words “You have cancer”.

Don’t you want them to beat it?

All your donations, well-wishes, and thoughts are most greatly appreciated. I thank all of my friends and family for their continued support of my efforts.

All the best,


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