PMC Night at Fenway Park

For the annual PMC Night at Fenway Park on July 11th, I will be auctioning off 2 tickets to join me and my wife for the tickets. The minimum bid starts at $250 for 2 tickets.  The proceeds of this auction will go towards my fundraising for the 2009 PMC.

What is PMC Night at Fenway Park?

The Fenway Park gates will open at 3 p.m. for a pre-game reception. There is complimentary food and beverages during this reception. We will get to watch batting practice on the field. There is a great pre-game ceremony, and then of course, the game vs. the Kansas City Royals (first pitch is 7:05).

To place your bid, please email me at apseguin04 AT yahoo DOT com. I will post the updates on the top bid on this blog and email all bidders when their bids have been bettered.

Let the bidding begin.


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