Thinking about 2009

pmc30Sitting here on a cold winter morning, I am thinking ahead to the first weekend in August, when, for the third year, I will participate in the Pan-Mass Challenge. It is now a holiday for me, a day of great reflection, of great pride, and great satisfaction. I know that I will shed many tears along the way and think about the many people who have given me the strength to ride 200 miles in two days.

Between now and August, I know that I will engage in two primary activities, fundraising and training. Since it is 24 degrees outside today and I have not taken a turn of the pedal in many months now, I’ll ignore the training part for today – not a whole lot going on there.

Fundraising is why I continue to do the PMC every year. I believe, I know, in my heart and mind, that by the end of my days, that the disease we know of as ‘cancer’ will be a curable, detectable affliction. The researchers at Dana-Farber will be at the front of making this goal a reality – and as we know, it only happens with effort, ingenuity, trial, and research. The only way that all happens is with funding. This is not a task that we can consistently rely on our government to fund. If we want a cure, for ourselves, for our children, and for our children’s children, we have the power, we have the opportunity, to make that happen. This could be our signature contribution to humanity – the elimination of cancer as a death sentence to millions of future people.

I am a cancer survivor. I had great medical care and treatment at my time of need. I had a form of cancer that was curable. At this point, not all are. Cancer can be cured, I am Living Proof. As I make my commitment to ride the PMC, I hope that you will make a commitment with me, to help the cause, to make cancer history, with a contribution to the PMC, the Jimmy Fund, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and, ultimately, to the goal of making cancer a survivable disease for each and every person.

To steal a phrase from our President, “Yes we can”.

>> make your donation to help in ground-breaking and life saving cancer research and treatment


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