Final Team Forza G Fundraising Results

UPDATED on 11/7/2008 – as it turns out, there was some last minute donations to Team Forza-G that I was not aware about – so the team total did make it over $150k. The grand total by Team Forza-G total is $151,461!

Team Forza G - 2008
Team Forza G - 2008

The deadline of PMC fundraising for 2008 was Sunday, November 1st and the final results for our team, Forza G, are in. The 25 members of Forza G raised $149,988 in 2008 for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. As some of my teammates said yesterday, “$12? I wish I had known.” $12 more would have meant $150k for the team, quite an accomplishment. An average take by each member of $6,000, led by two team members Steve and Joe who combined for over $35,000 on their own. Kudos and congrats to the entire team, in particular Steve and Joe!

Next year – $200,000 for Team Forza G!

The team on Sunday
The team on Sunday

On Thursday of this week, the PMC will announce their total donation to the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber for 2008. Last year, the total was $33 million (my post), well above the goal of $27 million. This year’s goal was stated to be $34 million, and as of October 7th, the total fundraising for 2008 was posted on the PMC website as $33 million! I can’t wait to see what the total will be for 2008!

Thanks again to everyone of the people who donated to my effort this year and to the efforts of all my teammates on Team Forza G as well. We are making cancer history!


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