Off-season Injury Report

LCL Injuries Suck!I am officially on the disabled list from all things active. Last Sunday, I injured my right knee playing soccer. As it turns out, I have something (a sprain, strain, or partial tear) in my lateral collateral ligament. There maybe some meniscus damage as well. I was told that if I was Tom Brady, I would have gotten an MRI before seeing my doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Well, last time I checked, this guy – not Tom Brady. So, no MRI.

It is now Saturday morning, the knee is still sore and achy. I have better range of motion, but it still hurts when I climb stairs. It is like my knee is telling me “hey there – don’t do that”! In about a week to ten days, I will start physical therapy and hopefully in a month or so, I can return to playing soccer and maybe get on my bike. 

Want to learn more about knee injuries? I found this site very helpful.


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