Two Weeks After the Ride

getting ready to ride the 2008 PMC.
getting ready to ride the 2008 PMC.

I have been on a much needed respite from non-work related online activities since the PMC. The weeks leading up to the ride involved a lot of work time, a lot of bike time, and a lot of fundraising time. Not enough time spent with my wife and my dog. So the last couple of weeks, those two have been my focus.

But tonight, the dog has been fed and walked, and my wife is out late. Therefore, I have had some time to think, look at some PMC photos from the ride gallery (my photos are here), and listen to fellow survivor Jon Lester pitch for the Sox. This is a good time to take stock of what we have done and look forward to what we need to do next.


Well, another 200 miles ridden by me (ok, it was 187.5), and by my best guess, all riders rode a collective 700,000 plus miles. As of this morning, the ride has received $25.2 million in donations from over 192,000 people. Thanks to the generosity of you, my family, and friends, I have raised about $6,300 this year (by the way – there is still time to make a donation). Team Forza-G, the great group of dedicated PMCers who I fundraise and ride with, has collectively raised over $98,000!

But what have we accomplished here. Together, the riders, the donators, the organizers have put their money where their mouth is, and said “it is time that someone made cancer history” and we are backing the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to do it. It has been a long time since I was diagnosed and treated for cancer, 12 years. The treatments and diagnostic techniques are better today than they were then. And they will be even better tomorrow, thanks to you. The kids at Dana Farber getting treatments today have a better chance of making it than ever before. And the odds and chances will continue to get better each and every day because of the dedicated and talented staff at DFCI that benefits from the PMC. What have we accomplished is an amazing thing – improve the chance that someone can survive cancer.


Now we need to finish the job. Here is the essence and meaning of the CHALLENGE. This is from the PMC website:

“Our hope and aspiration is to provide Dana-Farber’s doctors and researchers the necessary resources to discover cures for all cancers.”

Got it? All cancers. All the time. For anyone. Everyone deserves more than a chance at life. This is the challenge that the PMC has undertaken. Pedal and fund-raise until cancer is gone.

So what do we have to do next? Keep riding and keep asking for more money. I rode my bike to work today, proudly wearing my PMC 2008 jersey, hoping that someone would see it and wonder how they could get involved. Well – here is how – ride, volunteer, ask for donations, make a donation. I don’t really care how you do it, but I believe, with all my heart, that your efforts will affect the quality of life of someone that you know in your lifetime. Think about that for a second and if you believe it, then you will know what you need to do.

Time to go write some more thank you notes and get ready to ride again tomorrow. I am planning on something bigger and better for 2009 as far as the ride goes. More plans later on.

I hope that you have a nice day. Hug someone that you love.


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